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  • The HealthMate™ addresses the complete spectrum of air cleaning, removing sub-micron particles, noxious gases and chemicals. Austin Air’s 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides of the HealthMate™, passing it through a 4-stage filter.The result, more clean air delivered faster and more efficiently than any other air purifier on the market.
  • STAGE 1 – Large Particle Pre-filter Removes particles easily seen by the naked eye (e.g.dust, hair and pet dander). STAGE 2 – Medium Particle Pre-filter Removes small to medium size particles (e.g.molds, spores and pollen). STAGE 3 – About 15 lbs. of Activated Carbon and ZeoliteRemoves chemicals, gases and odors. STAGE 4 – 60 sq.ft.of Removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns.
  • Reduced Snoring. Stop Sneezing. Reduce nighttime allergies & asthma attacks. Strengthen your immune system. Reduced coughing and wheezing. Eliminate dry mouth and runny nose.
  • Very effective at removing particles in the air including dust, pollens and smoke elements. Great at removing chemicals and gases from the air. Removes viruses and bacteria.Designed to last for years, removing all air pollutants and delivering the freshest of air
  • Will cleanse the air for areas up to 1500 sq ft.
The Austin Air Healthmate HM400 is the perfect air cleaner house and office system. You can use in basements, your living room, meeting areas in the office, work areas, your bedroom, the kitchen, anywhere you want to clean the air of dangerous bacteria, fumes, or odors. These air purifiers are the best on the market to handle dust mites, pet dander, chemicals, bacteria, mold, pollen, odors, smoke, and other airborne allergens just to name a few. 


austin air healthmate air purifierAustin Air is known in the air filtration business as the leader in quality, affordability, low maintenance systems, and overall value. There are very few in the industry that can match them in the delivery of price and quality for the residential and office market. The Austin Healthmate Air Purifier series is known for it is ease of use, simple maintenance, dependability and overall value in it’s class.


 Austin Air's Healthmate series is one of the most popular models in the Austin family of air cleaners. And for good reason. It is highly efficient, easy to use, easy to maintain, and an overall quality product.  You know you are getting a quaility air purifier when you buy these.  You can expect have a sounder nights rest, reduced allergy related issues, easier breathing, less snorting, reduced dry mouth, stopping sneezing, no more runny nose, relief from asthma and allergy attacks at night and in the day, reduced coughing fits and reduced wheezing.


The Healthmate HM400 Air Purifier is excellent at:


  • Removing air particles like dust, pollens, smoke, dust mites, airborne particles like hair, pet dander, etc
  • Easily handles and removes odors, chemicals, fumes, gases from the air
  • Eliminates deadly bacteria and viruses.
  • removes the musty smells you get in utility rooms and basements.




Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier Home and Office (HM400)The Austin Air HealthMate™ HM400 air purifier has a state of the air 4 stage filtering system with a 360 degree intake system giving you the most efficient and fast air cleaner house clean up in the market. 


STAGE 1 – Large Particle Pre-filter  For particles you can see with the human eye like dust, pet dander and hair, this filter is made to quickly handle. 


STAGE 2 – Medium Particle Pre-filter  This second stage is for quickly capturing medium size particles like mold, mildew, spores, dust mites, and pollen. Quickly taking them out of the air. 


STAGE 3 – About 15 lbs. of Activated Carbon and Zeolite. Removes chemicals, gases and odors and VOC's that are quite dangerous to your health


STAGE 4 – 60 sq.ft.of Certified HEPA. Removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns that make it thru the prefilters.

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